Super Jet 65 Anti-Scale Filters


Super Jet 65 Anti-Scale Filters


These Domena anti-scale filters filter the water and correct its pH to be almost neutral.

The filtered water is optimal for ironing, the use of these anti-scale filters avoids the scaling of the steam generator.

These filters prevent your steam ironing press, iron or steam cleaner from scaling up, therefore prolonging its life.


These Domena anti-scale filters fit the following steam irons:

Booster 110 Precision (Booster110)
Easytop 130, Easytop 150 (Easytop130, Easytop150)
Eco 100 (Eco100)
FG 901 Pro (FG901 Pro)
LA 130 (LA130)
Primalis 100, Primalis 200 (Primalis100, Primalis200)
Primo (Prim ‘ o)
Silver Pro Evolution
Success Pro Evolution,
Superjet 65, Superjet 80 (Superjet65, Superjet80)
Topjet 120 (Topjet120)
X’elys 1, X’elys 2 (Xelys 1, Xelys 2 or “Xelis1, Xelis2”)
XL 1 (XL1 )
X’prime 1, X’prime 2, X’prime Black & White (Xprime)
XS 1, XS 3 (XS1, XS3)

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